Premade Volume Fans - 5D

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Our Premade Volume Fans are lightweight, soft and perfect for adding Volume  to a set of Classic lashes or for a Volume set without the hassle of making your own fans.

Curl: D, CC, C
Weight: .05 5D
Length: 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, Mix Tray (9mm-15mm)
Pallet: Full-Size, 16 rows of lashes
Shipping: Available



Premade Fan Lash Extension Type

Wink Inc Premium Mink Volume Eyelash Extensions come in a pallet of 16 rows containing 256 premade eyelash fans. Our Premade Volume Fans are heat bonded so there is no additional weight added to your client’s natural lashes.

Eyelash Color

The color is a deep black which, most importantly, blends perfectly with natural lashes. There is no blue or green tint that you might see from lower quality lashes. Wink Inc premium faux mink lashes are true to color.

Extension Adhesive

We recommend using our Premium Black Volume Adhesive when working with volume lashes. The Volume Adhesive dries within 1-2 seconds which makes it easy to work with our premade volume fans

Premade Fan Lash Extension Curls

We offer these lash pallets of premade fans in your choice of 5D or NEW 7D in C, CC or D curls. These are the industry standard curls and as a result, will be your most used type for the majority of your clients.

Lash Extension Weights

Volume lashes need to be extremely lightweight. This lash pallet comes in in the standard .05 weight.

Lash Extension Lengths

When using premade volume lash fans, you need to consider the length appropriate for your client. Therefore, we offer our premium mink volume eyelash extensions in this pallet from the range of 9mm through 16mm.


Why choose us?

Local Supplies & personal experiences

We view all of our students and customers as family. We want the best for everyone and strive to provide the best quality products and service we can find. Being one of very few lash extension supply stores in the city, we offer a wide variety of products on hand so locals don't have to wait for shipping. As for our out-of-town customers, we offer first class free shipping on orders over $50!



I started out as a nail tech and I recently added eyelash extensions to my services. Its nice being so close to Wink Inc in Lancaster because I can pick up supplies in 10 minutes.

Jenn R.

I recently started with eyelash extensions and it has been fantastic for business. Wink Inc has reasonable prices for their products so it means less overhead for me at the end of the day.

Ava L.

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