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What is 'Subscribe & Save'?


How it works

Choose from monthly or biweekly deliveries and save up to $12 on your subscription order!
Choose once a month and save $5, or choose biweekly and save $12!
Depending on your preferred frequency, you only pay one monthly payment and your product ships automatically!
Cancel, skip or modify your subscription on your Shop Wink Inc account any time, with no penalties and no commitments!

That's it! Super Simple!

Terms & Conditions

* Automatic discounts, discount codes, or shipping discounts do not apply.
* You may cancel anytime but if your item has already shipped you may not receive a refund for your order.
* You, as a consumer, are responsible for the subscription terms.
* Signing up for a subscription means that you allow Wink Inc and/or Seal Subscriptions to withdraw money from your credit or debit card every month until you skip or cancel.
* Wink Inc and Seal Subscriptions are not responsible for keeping track of your subscribed account. If you forgot about it, we may not issue a refund, even if you send product back.
* If your card expires or is not processed, you will be sent an email with instructions and a link to update your payment information.
* Product will not be shipped until payment has been made.
* Wink Inc and Seal Subscriptions have the right to cancel anyone's subscription for any reason, at anytime.


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