Classic Lash extension course

This is a Classic/Basic class that will teach you all you need to know for lash application. We also include a bonus introduction into the popular Volume Lash technique as part of the course. This class includes instruction, certification, and a complimentary lash extension kit.

Schedule and Lunch

Our 1-day course is broken into 3 sections. The first 3 hours are instruction and theory. Then we have a 1 hour lunch break. Lastly, the last 3 hours are all about your hands-on training on a live model.


The first 3 hours of our 1-day course involves a deep dive into eyelash and skin science. We explain how and why everything works, then give a demonstration on the actual process of lash extension application.


The last 3 hours of the 1-day course involve hands-on training where you work on a live model, performing a full set of classic lash extensions while under the supervision of our professional instructor.


We ask that you have a live model scheduled to participate with you during the course. If you cannot provide a live model to participate with you, we are unable to provide one for you so we strongly advise students to prepare with enough time in advance.