What is Eyelash Extension Adhesive?

Eyelash Extension Adhesive is the glue used to attach the individual extensions to the natural existing lashes.

There are different types of glue made for certain situations. There is glue made for classic lashes, a special kind for volume lashes, and another for sensitive skin. Additionally, there is a clear adhesive specially made for colored lashes!

Ultra Adhesive

Our Ultra Adhesive is used for classic Eyelash Extension procedures. It has a longer dry time and works for most clients who are getting classic lashes.

If you're a new lash artist, then the Ultra Adhesive is going to be the one you'll use most often. It has a strong retention time so the lash extensions won't fall off too soon and the longer dry time allows the beginner to make necessary adjustments before the extension completely adhears to the eyelash.

Volume Lash Adhesive

Adehsives made for volume lashes typically have a fast dry time of around 1 to 2 seconds. This is because the volume fan needs to adhear in its "fan-like" state. Using a slower dry time adhesive gives that fan the time to close, or collapse, and it won't be able to achieve that "Russian 3D" look.

Wink Inc's Premium Black Volume Adhesive has a fast dry time and is notorious for it's retention rates. Choose between traditional black pigmented adhesive or clear adhesive, with no pigments, for colored lash fans!

Sensitive Adhesive

Some people have sensitive skin which can be irritated by most eyelash extension glues. There are others who are bothered by the chemical adhesive aroma and it can cause nausea or irritation.

For clients with sensitivities, some companies make a special, sensitive formula which has little to no fumes. The sensitive glue is gentle on the skin, yet strong enough to hold the extensions in place.

Keep in mind, however, the adhesive ingredient that causes sensitivity reactions is the main bonding ingredient present in all eyelash extension glues. The less fumes an adhesive claims to have, the lower the retention rates. So though the probability of having a reaction is lower, they would most likely need to return for fills more frequently.

Adhesive can really determine how long eyelash extensions stay on, or retain, so it is not only important for the specialist to understand, it is equally important for the client to understand so they get the most out of their new set of beautiful eyelash extensions!