What are Eyelash Extension Tweezers?

You may have seen odd shaped tweezers when getting eyelash extensions. So what are the extension tweezers and what do they do?

Many Types of Tweezers

There are a few special shapes which serve specific purposes. There are tweezers made, simply, for parting the lashes. Consequently, there are others made for applying different extensions to the lashes in different ways but it all comes down to comfort and effectiveness.

Isolating Tweezers

Isolating tweezers are the tools used to part the lashes. They often have a straight, fine-pointed end. There is usually no bend or a slight curve in the body of the tweezers but the tip is always straight.

You want to use these to spread the other lashes away from the one you are working on. It keeps the other eyelashes from being glued together.

Examples of Wink Inc Isolating Tweezers include #10 and #40.

Volume Tweezers

Once you have parted the other lashes, you need to apply the extensions. Volume eyelash extension tweezers usually have a curved tip. They may taper in many ways, but often resemble a boot shape or have a thicker bend at the tip. Alternatively, some volume tweezers are fine pointed but have a hook or sharp angled tip.

Artists must look for tweezers that touch throughout the bend or angle to be able to pick up a fan without it falling apart.

Examples of Wink Inc Volume Tweezers include #50, #170, #440, #830, and #911. If you are an artist and are having trouble making or picking up fans, try changing your tweezer, you could be surprised at how much of a difference it makes.

Classic Tweezers

Classic tweezers typically have no specialized use except for comfort. Some artists may find that certain bends or angles to the tweezers' tip is more comfortable for their wrists or technique. Fine-tipped tweezers are commonly used for ease of access when picking up a single extension. One example of this could be Wink Inc's #450 tweezer. In any case, for classic extensions, any type of tweezer can be used.