What are Eyelash Extension Tweezers?

You may have seen odd shaped tweezers when getting eyelash extensions. So what are the extension tweezers and what do they do?

Many Types of Tweezers

There are a few special shapes which serve specific purposes. There are tweezers made for simply parting the lashes. Consequently, there are others made for applying extensions to the lashes.

Isolating Tweezers

These are the tools used to part the lashes. They often have a straight, pointed end. There is usually no bend or curve to the tip.

You want to use these to spread the other lashes away from the one you are working on. It acts like a shield around the individual lash.

Examples of Wink Inc Isolating Tweezers include #10 and #40.

Volume Tweezers

Once you have parted the other lashes, you need to apply the extensions. Volume eyelash extension tweezers usually have a curved tip. They may taper in many ways, but often resemble a boot shape.

So use these tweezers to apply the extensions to the natural lash.

Examples of Wink Inc Volume Tweezers include #50, #190, #200, #440, #450, #830, #930.