Is There Free Eyelash Extension Training?

When it comes to Eyelash Extension training, the only free resources you will find are on the internet. By free resources, we mean videos and tutorials on the process of eyelash extensions.

For in-person training in a classroom, there is no free training.

Why is there no free training for Eyelash Extensions?

Becoming an Eyelash Extension artist is a process that requires understanding skin and hair science, getting hands-on training, and using costly supplies.

No reputable training academy would offer training for free unless it was an actual 501(c)(3) charity.

The reason for this is that the course requires time, effort, people, and supplies. All those things cost money which means you would have to cover the cost. The eyelash extensions training academies are providing students a valuable resource to help them further their careers.

The academy instructors deserve to be paid for their time and knowledge just like a certified lash artist deserves to be paid for her time and expertise.

Are there other payment options?

Do you need help paying for an eyelash extension course?

The cost of Wink Inc 1-day Classic Eyelash Extension Courses is $775. You are provided a full lash kit ($300 value) as part of your class supplies.

However, if you can't afford the upfront cost, there are other ways to pay for it.

Wink Inc has partnered with PayPal Credit. As a result, you can pay for your training course using credit and you have a full 6 months to pay it off without any interest.

Using PayPal Credit to finance your class is a safe and effective way to take the course without paying the entire upfront cost. This would be the closest to free training available today.