How to get an Eyelash Extension Certification

Getting an Eyelash Extension certification is a fairly straightforward process. You simply pay for a course at a health department recognized training academy and then pass the course.

So what are some things you should know before starting a course?

Lash Artist Physical Abilities

Becoming an Eyelash Extension Technician is not for everyone. It is a physically demanding profession that requires physical skills and a lot of patience.

Perfect Eyesight

For one, you'll need to have great eyesight as a lash artist. If your eyesight isn't naturally 20/20, then you'll need glasses or contact lenses that correct your vision to be able to see. Most often you'll be working with single extensions measured in millimeters. The most common extensions are black so you'll need clear vision to accurately see your work.

Additionally, doing eyelash extensions does take a toll on your eyesight so using magnifying glasses or a large magnifier can help prevent eye strain and any future eyesight issues you may encounter.

Manual Dexterity

Because the lash extensions are so small, you'll be working with 2 sets of tweezers on your clients. The tweezers are sharp, the lashes are tiny, so you'll need reliable hand-eye coordination to carefully glue the extensions on to the real lashes.

This process can take time, especially if you have never had to work with such a small area before. Patience and practice are important while you are building up muscle memory and it can get frustrating but you must work through it to get where you need to be.

Lash Artist Endurance and Patience

Most lash extension procedures take between 1 to 2 hours to complete. For most of the time, you'll be carefully gluing single extensions to each lash. It can be a tedious task if you don't love doing it. If you can't sit still and focus on a task for an extended period of time, becoming an eyelash artist may not be right for you.

As a beginner, many people expect to master the technique right out of Lash Academy but it takes time, usually from 6 to 12 months or more! Its up to you to practice, and practice frequently, in order to build up the endurance to go from a 4 hour full set to 2. The more you practice, the less time it takes to master.

Artistic Abilities

The process of eyelash extensions is easy to understand, but the artistic side of the process is something not everyone gets. As a lash artist, you'll need to help your clients determine the most beautiful look for them.

This involves choosing the right type of lash in terms of weight, length, shape, and sometimes even color.

You'll need to have the artistic vision of what the final result will look like before you start working. The last thing you want is for your clients to regret coming to you because they don't like the way their lashes turned out.


Getting a certification to become an eyelash extension technician is pretty simple. You pay for the course and then pass the course.

However, you should consider if the profession is really right for you and if you have the skill and vision to handle the work once your certified.