How much do Eyelash Extensions Cost?

A common question we get frequently is, "how much do eyelash extensions cost?"

It's a complicated answer because many factors can determine the price, but the average cost can range from $100 to $500. The average cost of a touchup or infill can be between $75 to $200.

In this post we'll discuss the factors that may cause the price to be higher or lower than you might expect.

The Lash Artist's Experience

As in any profession, experience matters and those with more experience can charge higher prices for their expertise.

It's not uncommon to see master artists charge $300-500 for the first set of lashes and then over $100 for infills because you're paying for their experience. They have years of practice and hundreds of procedures done so the high price is essentially a guarantee that you're going to get a higher quality treatment.

Newer lash artists usually charge much less since they are beginners and are still building their portfolios. As they become more experienced and build clientele, their prices will typically rise to reflect their time and skills. These are the main reasons that determine eyelash extension cost.

You should consider these points, but don't be sold on these alone. Many fabulous artists charge much less for their work and some not-so-great artists might charge a fortune. Do your research and find out why your lash artist sets her prices before you commit.

The Products

Just like with any product, you'll find some brands are more expensive than others because their products are higher quality or are more expensive to manufacture.

In the Eyelash Extension world, it will be important to know which type of lashes you or your artist uses because there is a difference in price.

There are three different types of material used in eyelash extension and false eyelash manufacturing: mink, silk, and synthetic with synthetic being the cheapest to manufacture.

Here's the difference: mink uses real mink animal shed which is not only difficult to obtain but are also made exclusively by hand. Not only are real mink lashes the most expensive, if you or your client happen to have pet allergies, those allergies can be affected by real mink extensions.

Silk manufactured eyelash extensions are made similarly by hand but are much lighter and more flexible than synthetic or mink. Likewise, they are more expensive to manufacture but can be a hypoallergenic alternative to real mink.

All of Wink Inc's extensions are a manufactured synthetic material. The importance is in the price of each tray of extensions and allergies to the product. Though mink and silk may look and feel more natural, synthetic is much stronger and cheaper to obtain so prices are always at affordable ranges.

Most eyelash extensions are made of a synthetic material while falseies typically use real mink or silk. Very rarely do we see real mink or silk individual eyelash extensions but they do exist so be sure to know the difference to understand the price.

The Style

Do you want classic lashes or volume lashes? Classic lashes are subtle and truly enhance the beauty you already have, but volume lashes make a statement.

The style of lashes you choose makes a difference in price. Classic lashes are often less expensive because there is less work to be done where volume lashes require much more time, effort, and materials.

Most artists will let you know, but make sure you know the difference in styles so you aren't surprised when you get your bill.

The Price of the Location

One factor many people often don't consider is location. A good location can make a small property expensive and conversely, a bad location can make a large house inexpensive.

The same goes for eyelash extensions. If you're in an area where there are a lot of lash artists competing with each other, you might be able to find a good artist at a reasonable price.

However if you're in an area where there is only 1 lash artist within a 50 mile radius, then that artist may charge more money due to demand in the area. The more clients one artist has, the higher the price may be.

So always look at the general location and also consider how much competition is in the area because this will be a factor in determining the price.