How Long do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Are you interested in getting eyelash extensions for the first time? One thing that you need to know is how long you can expect your extensions to last.

There are a number of factors that determine how long your extensions will stay on, but the general average is about 2-4 weeks.

In this post, we'll discuss what causes lashes to last and how they interact with natural lashes.

The Type of Extension and How Long They Last

As we wrote about in other posts, there are 3 types of lashes. There is natural mink fibers made from real mink animal shed, handmade silk, then there is synthetic lashes which are stronger and more affordable to manufacure.

Natural mink lashes look more natural but may cause a reaction to people with pet allergies. However, real mink and silk eyelash extensions are much lighter and more flexible than synthetic extensions and have the potential to last longer than synthetic lashes. Clients with thinner, weaker lashes may want to consider natural mink or silk extensions to prolong retention.

Synthetic lashes are made rather than obtained so while some lash options may be larger and heavier, synthetic lashes can be made into a lighter material to extend retention rates and create a wider range of styles. Synthetic lashes are best used for clients with thicker, stronger natural eyelashes but can still be used on thinner lashes if thinner, lighter extensions are applied.

The strength of your natural lashes will determine what type of extensions will provide the longest retention rates for your eyelashes. Real mink extensions are obtained from mink animal shed and have a limited range of thickness where synthetic eyelash extensions have many different weights that can be used for many different eyelashes.

The Length of the Eyelash Extension

As we just mentioned previously, the strength of your natural lashes play a big part in how long extensions last. If you have short, weak lashes, you don't want extensions too long or thick or they will strain your real lashes.

The general idea is your extensions shouldn't be more than twice the length of your real lashes. If you follow this rule, you can expect to get about 3-4 weeks out of your extensions. Though you may be able to have longer, thicker extensions applied, they may not last as long which may require you to return for infills more frequently.

The Hair Cycle Stages

Our hair is constantly falling out and growing back. That is a natural process of the living human body. Just like any hair on your body, your lashes also fall out and grow back.

There are three phases of this life cycle you should know:

Anagen: The primary growth phase.
Catagen: The transitioning phase.
Telogen: The resting phase.

It's not really feasible to tell which phase we are at in a given time, but understand that this can affect the duration of your lashes.

For example, if your hair happens to be in the Catagen phase, it means your hair has stopped growing temporarily. Your lashes might last a while like this. Conversely, if you're in the Telogen phase, your hair is beginning to shed so your lashes might fall off sooner than expected.

Additionally, the anagen phase is when the lashes are actively growing. The eyelash is thinner and may not be able to hold an extension for a long period of time. If an extension is placed on a lash in this phase, it will either grow out or fall off.


Much like getting your nails and hair done, eyelash extensions require both parties to participate in the care of your lashes to lengthen retention rates. This means that on top of the artist using the right products and application process, the client must also care for their lashes, at home, in between fills to avoid premature shedding.

Cleaning your lashes every day is the most important part of this process. Avoiding too much moisture, refraining from touching or pulling on the extensions, and keeping oil based facial products away from the eye area are three other important factors that will effect how long your extensions will last.


There are so many factors that determine how long lash extensions will last. Consequently, it comes down to how well your extensions work with your body. If you have naturally strong lashes and your artist has used the right weight and length, and you are taking care of them, you'll probably see your extensions last 3-4 weeks or more.

The concluded average is about 2-4 weeks for most people. So don't be surprised if yours last longer or shorter than expected.