How do Eyelash Extensions Work?

If you're curious about getting eyelash extensions or becoming a lash technician, it's a good idea to understand the process.

In this article, we'll discuss how eyelash extensions work on a very basic level.

It is as it sounds

The process is just like it sounds; you are extending the natural eyelash for a more prominent look. To do this, the lash artist uses natural or synthetic fibers to attach to your existing eyelashes to give them length and depth.

Priming the Faux Mink or Silk Lashes

Any professional lash artist will first prime your natural lashes before the procedure.

Using a specialized primer will remove any residual cosmetics and natural oils from the eyelashes. This is to ensure maximum bonding from the extension when it is placed over it.

Choosing the Lashes

There are many shapes, colors, lengths, and weights of eyelash extensions available. The lash artist will choose the best lashes based on the client's consultation and their existing lashes.

There are three types of styles: Classic, Volume, and Hybrid.

The Classic style uses a single extension per existing lash to simply enhance the natural beauty. The Volume style attaches multiple extensions per single lash for a bold, noticeable look. The Hybrid style is in between where some lashes will have a single extension and others will have multiple fibers. It's the best of both worlds.

Bonding the Synthetic Extensions

Once the appropriate style, color, length, shape, and weight of the lashes have been determined, then the lash technician will begin gluing the extensions to the exiting lashes.

This is a slow, tedious process and requires steady hands, sharp eyesight, and a lot of patience. The lash artist will use a special adhesive depending on the lash style or if the client has sensitive skin to adhere the extension to the natural lash.

Maintaining the Extensions

There is aftercare involved in that the client should avoid rubbing the new eyelashes. Avoid water, and extreme temperatures for some time to allow the adhesive to settle in.

Once a short time has passed, then the lash extensions will usually stay on for about 2-4 weeks depending on care factors.


This was a really short description on how eyelash extensions work. However, it should give you enough information to decide if you're interested in this beauty treatment.