Eyelash Extension Training Near Me

Are you thinking about becoming an Eyelash Extension Technician? If so, you've probably seen advertisements for many training academies, and most, probably, aren't in your area.

If you're in Southern California and nearby the Antelope Valley and Santa Clarita Valley, then you're in luck because Wink Inc is a Lash Extension Academy that serves this locale.

Training Near Me Located in Southern California

Our training facility is located in Lancaster, which is in the heart of the Antelope Valley. Wink Inc has developed a great clientele out here because we're the only lash supply company in our area.

There are other companies and academies in Southern California, but many are located in the Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego areas. The cost of driving to any of those places can get expensive and the training often involves a large classroom of people.

Why choose Wink Inc?

The nice part about training with Wink Inc is that you receive support from our teachers. We limit our classes to a maximum of 4 students to ensure that no one is left out and all our students have direct communication with our instructors even after completing the course.

We create a small, intimate classroom environment so you don't ever have to be afraid to ask questions or to participate in the course. Many of our students become friends who end up helping one another grow their businesses.

Hands-On Training Near Me

You've probably heard stories of unhappy lash artists who were trained in large hotel rooms or someone's house and they paid thousands of dollars to watch an instructor on a television screen.

Sadly, that is more common than you think, even today. But at Wink Inc, we require hands-on training with a live model in order to complete our course and earn your certification.


Wink Inc has many satisfied students and we hope you will be our student in the future!

If you need to find us, search for eyelash extension training near me! You'll see we're just a short drive away!