Premium Mink Eyelash Extensions Single-Colored


Wink Inc Premium Mink Eyelash Extensions Single-Colored are faux mink colored lashes. You can choose a pallet of any single vibrant, exciting color.

Curl: CC
Weight: .07
Length: .13mm to .14mm mixed
Pallet: Full-Size, 16 rows of lashes
Colors: Aqua, Blue, Gold/Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver/White


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Lash Extension Type

Wink Inc Premium Mink Eyelash Extensions Single-Colored come in a pallet of 16 rows containing individual lashes to be used for volume lashes. These are great for clients who want a splash of color on their lashes!

Colored Lashes

The colors available in our eyelash extensions single-colored pallets include: Aqua, Blue, Gold/Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver/White.

Extension Adhesive

We recommend using our Premium Black Volume Adhesive when working with volume lashes. The Volume Adhesive dries within 1-2 seconds, therefore it is useful for advanced lash technicians when making delicate fans.

Colored Lash Extension Curls

We offer colored lash extensions in pallets including the CC curl. This is an industry standard curl and as a result, will be your most used type for the majority of your clients who want a fun color.

Colored Lash Extension Weights

Volume lashes need to be extremely lightweight as you glue multiple extensions together to create a fan. This lash pallet comes in .07 weight.

Colored Lash Extension Lengths

When creating volume lashes for your client, you need to consider the length appropriate for their natural lashes. Therefore, we offer our premium mink colored lash extensions in this pallet from the range of .13mm and.14mm mixed.

Mink Eyelash Extensions Single-Colored

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