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Gel Glue Remover is used to break down the adhesive bond on lash extensions. This is the highest level performance Adhesive Remover available! Because of the consistency and formula, the gel glue remover will not drip or run into eyes.

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Wink Inc Gel Glue Remover will remove eyelash extensions without damaging natural lashes.

The product breaks down the adhesive bond so that eyelash extensions can be removed effectively and without tearing out natural lashes. Once eyelash extensions have been removed, you can use a gentle cleanser to remove residual glue remover, leaving no trace of eyelash extensions.

The formula and consistency keep the Gel Glue Remover from running into your client’s eyes or dripping during application. Therefore, eyelash extension removal easier and more effective every time you need to remove eyelash extensions.

To use, apply the gel remover with a micro brush directly on the eyelash extension. The remover needs time to break down the extension bond. As a result, this may take a few minutes. After a few minutes, the bond should be loosened enough that eyelash extensions can be removed. Use warm water to remove excess remover from eyelashes.

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